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Webshop relaunch for Swiss retailer


The sustainable Swiss retailer had a clear mission: to offer cleaning products that were produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Despite this noble goal, the company's webshop was facing some challenges. The outdated technology platform hindered the webshop's scalability and performance. It also lacked seamless integration with the internal SAP system, leading to inefficient processes and manual data entry. The client decided to enlist the expertise of OM3 Marketing GmbH to relaunch the webshop and modernize the technology platform.

Solution approach:

OM3 Marketing GmbH developed a comprehensive solution approach to address the client's challenges. The focus was on redesigning the webshop and modernizing the technology platform using BigCommerce. The advantages of BigCommerce were clear:

###1 Scalability and performance: BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that allowed the retailer to manage growth without compromising on speed or stability.

2. Extensive features:

The platform offers a variety of e-commerce features, including product management, marketing tools, payment processing and more, which increased efficiency and improved the shopping experience for customers.

3. responsive design:

OM3 Marketing GmbH implemented a responsive design that ensured the web store displayed optimally on all devices and screen sizes. This helped to optimize the user experience.

In addition, OM3 Marketing GmbH carried out the integration of SAP into the webshop. The benefits of this integration were:

1. real-time data update:

The integration enabled seamless real-time synchronization between the webshop and the internal SAP system. This eliminated manual data entry and minimized errors.

2. stock management:

The webshop was able to pull current stock levels, product information and pricing data from SAP. This resulted in a more accurate display of product data on the website and prevented overselling or incorrect pricing.

3. efficient order processing:

The integration enabled more efficient order processing as orders were transferred directly into the SAP system. This accelerated the entire process and increased customer satisfaction.


The website redesign and integration of BigCommerce and SAP by OM3 Marketing GmbH led to impressive results for the sustainable Swiss retailer:

###1 Increase in sales: The webshop was now powerful and able to handle a higher number of customers and orders, resulting in a significant increase in sales.

2. Efficient processes:

The integration with SAP eliminated manual data entry and led to more efficient internal processes. This allowed the company to save time and resources.

3. customer loyalty:

Improvements to the webshop, including responsive design and faster loading times, resulted in an improved user experience that strengthened customer loyalty.

4. more accurate product information:

Thanks to the integration with SAP, product information and prices were always up to date, resulting in fewer errors and more satisfied customers.


The collaboration between the sustainable Swiss retailer and OM3 Marketing GmbH in redesigning the webshop and integrating BigCommerce and SAP was a complete success. The modernized technology platform, appealing design and seamless integration led to a significant increase in sales and more efficient business operations. The webshop successfully achieved its goal of making sustainable products accessible to a wider audience.

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