ERP & e-commerce integration: your advantage

Outperforming the competition with systems integration: Rely on the e-commerce know-how of our digital agency from Zurich

When we at OM3 are asked about the special feature of our services as a webshop digital agency from Zurich, there is a clear answer: the integration of e-commerce solutions with business software such as SAP and other ERPs. E-commerce meets ERP. And you too can use this technological integration to your particular advantage. This is based on the fact that an efficient web store together with an integrated ERP or merchandise management system can map processes end-to-end. This makes your company faster and more agile. Relevant product information reaches your customers in real time, so that your company remains flexible and competitive. You also save costs through lean and automated processes, which you can invest elsewhere. As a manufacturer, you can reach your customers directly in direct-to-consumer (D2C) and thus build loyalty to your brand.

Our core competence: the unity of ERP and e-commerce in direct sales (D2C)

Modern e-commerce is embedded in a highly complex system landscape with multiple interfaces. Your architecture, its smooth interaction, your degree of automation, and the quality of networking determine whether your web store is a real revenue generator or falls short of expectations. 

No matter how good the presentation of your offer, the customer approach or the functionality of the purchase act - without a tailor-made e-commerce system integration, your company will not achieve the necessary effectiveness in sales. 

On the other hand, the perfect linking of systems from different manufacturers and service providers under one roof is your great competitive advantage: it brings you maximum resource utilization, high availability, manual effort reduction, error avoidance and overall optimally running processes. 

As a digital agency from Zurich for e-commerce system integration, we offer you the know-how to anchor your web store in your company's network.

We connect system landscapes for added efficiency

Our team draws on over 30 years of ERP industry experience such as SAP and others in a wide variety of projects. 

You can therefore rely on a first-class expertise that covers all common providers, brands and functions. This is because many factors play a role in a complex system architecture between SAP / ERP as well as middleware and your web store. For example, all interfaces must be synchronized holistically and adapted to your specific requirements. 

This is where we, as a digital agency from Zurich with numerous implemented interfaces, can bring our know-how to bear in the interaction of e-commerce, merchandise management system and specialist departments and help you achieve the desired sales success.

ERP e-commerce and other system integration solutions

Every system integration project is as individual as your company. With our many years of experience, we will find the solutions appropriate to your needs - whether as your competent Alumio partner, with our own programming, by connecting ERP e-commerce as a Bexio partner or provider of other ERP systems, with Shopware Wordpress or PIM integration and other interface solutions. Our services in the e-commerce system integration in the


  • SAP Integration Suite / SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
  • SAP ABAP programming
  • System integration with individual solutions (programmed) with APIs
  • System integration with middleware solutions (e.g. as your Alumio partner)
  • Shopware Wordpress Integration
  • Integration of ERP systems such as SAP, Dynamics, Navision or as Bexio partner
  • Integration of enterprise resource planning systems and CRM systems
  • Integration of online marketing processes
  • Digitization of e-commerce processes
  • Program API
  • PIM integration

The interaction of interfaces and data flows

Why are interfaces so important in e-commerce? The reason is their diversity of automation opportunities. The networking we create involves several interacting systems, among others:

  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Product Information Management System (PIM)

In the network of these systems, data exchange, data synchronization and other standard processes should run automatically and error-free. Through PIM and ERP integration e-commerce, we ensure that harmonious and efficient high-performance processes can take place. At the same time, we are aware that no two system integrations work the same. Your company's IT landscape is shaped by very specific circumstances, which are determined by the industry, your sales strategy and the specific product range. Any integration of e-commerce activities into an existing infrastructure is always a challenge that has to reconcile different worlds and usually has to consider a wide range of options. This requires experienced specialists like the team from our digital agency in Zurich.

How systems integration pays off for your business: Let's take a closer look at the benefits that our e-commerce system integration agency's interface solutions create for you:

Faster data throughput - Because data transfer is automated, you can process incoming orders at the company more quickly. Your customers will thank you - and you can be sure of fast sales.

Higher productivity - The time-consuming transfer of data within the system landscape by employees and its maintenance is eliminated with our integration solutions. This frees up manpower for other projects and available time.

No processing errors - No employee, no matter how qualified, is able to compete with automation that runs largely error-free. The larger the volume of data, the more noticeable this difference becomes. We ensure that you have absolute control over your data at all times.

Get to know our digital agency!

Our overview of the benefits of systems integration in e-commerce is deliberately general. As a digital agency from Zurich, we know from experience that every new project requires new solutions. We will be happy to develop what these might look like in your case in a detailed consultation.