Website relaunch of one24 by OM3

Website relaunch of one24 by OM3

one24 and OM3

OM3, a renowned web agency, had the privilege of carrying out the website relaunch for The goal was to modernise the website, introduce new content and significantly improve performance. By working closely with the team and taking a tailored approach, OM3 was able to write an impressive success story.

Challenges and goals

The original website had some challenges. Loading times were slow and content was out of place. OM3 set itself the goal of transforming the website into a modern, user-friendly and powerful online tool. The goals were clearly defined: a fresh design, improved user experience and optimised performance to outperform the competition.

Strategy and implementation

OM3 began with a thorough analysis of the existing website to identify weaknesses and understand the specific needs of A tailor-made strategy was then developed to achieve the set goals. In close cooperation with the experts from, the branding, design and content were revised.

The new design concept was based on a clear and appealing layout that reflected the identity of Modern colour schemes and high-quality images were used to attract visitors' attention and create a positive user experience. The navigation structure was optimised to allow users to navigate the website intuitively and easily.

Performance optimisation was another crucial aspect of the relaunch. OM3 conducted extensive testing to minimise load times, improve page response time and optimise the website for different devices and browsers. By implementing caching mechanisms, compression techniques and other performance improvements, OM3 managed to significantly speed up the website.

Results and successes

The website relaunch was a great success for both OM3 and itself. The results were impressive:

Increase in performance: the website became significantly faster and more responsive, resulting in a positive user experience. Loading times were significantly reduced, which meant that visitors no longer had to wait long to access content. Thanks to the optimised performance, potential customers were able to navigate through the website with ease and received immediate results.

Higher visibility and reach: Through the website relaunch and the implementation of SEO optimisations, OM3 was able to improve the visibility of in search engine results. The website achieved a higher ranking for relevant search terms, which led to an increased organic reach. This in turn attracted more qualified visitors to the website, which had a positive impact on the conversion rate.

Positive feedback and customer satisfaction: The website relaunch received an extremely positive response from both visitors and customers of The modern design, improved user experience and fast performance were praised by users. The customers of were enthusiastic about the new website, which presented their company in a professional and appealing way.


The website relaunch of was a complete success and a real success story for the web agency OM3. Through a tailor-made strategy, a modern design, improved content and optimised performance, OM3 was able to exceed's goals. The website now shines in new splendour and offers visitors an outstanding user experience. OM3 and can be proud of their collaboration, which has led to remarkable growth and success.