Modern web presence of ULKE by OM3

Modern web presence of ULKE by OM3

ULKE challenge

ULKE GmbH, a respected service partner in the field of building services, fire protection and insulation, recognised the need to improve the appearance of its website. The company wanted to ensure that its online presence reflected the quality and expertise it offers its customers. With this in mind, ULKE GmbH commissioned OM3 Marketing GmbH, a renowned agency with expertise in web design, to redesign the company's website.

Solution approach OM3

OM3 Marketing GmbH accepted the challenge and developed a customised solution approach for ULKE GmbH's website redesign. A special focus was placed on the design in order to present the company's brand in a visually appealing way.

The agency worked closely with ULKE GmbH to understand the company's goals and requirements. Based on this, OM3 Marketing GmbH developed a modern and aesthetic design concept that highlighted ULKE GmbH's core competencies. By selecting high-quality images, harmonious colour schemes and a clear visual hierarchy, the new design was developed to convey ULKE GmbH's professional and reliable expertise.

OM3 Marketing GmbH also placed emphasis on user-friendly navigation and optimised information architecture. This enabled visitors to the website to easily find relevant information and gain a comprehensive insight into ULKE GmbH's services and references.

Results OM3

ULKE GmbH's website redesign by OM3 Marketing GmbH achieved outstanding results with a special focus on design. Here are some of the successes:

  1. professional brand experience: the new design gave ULKE GmbH's website a professional and modern look. The aesthetic design helped to strengthen the trust of potential customers and position the company as a reliable service partner.

  2. impressive user experience: the optimised design and user-friendly navigation enabled visitors to move effortlessly around the website and quickly find the information they needed. This resulted in a positive user experience and longer time spent on the website.

  3. positive feedback from customers: The redesigned website received enthusiastic feedback from existing and prospective customers. The new design was praised as aesthetically pleasing, clearly structured and informative.

  4. stronger brand positioning: The convincing design of the website helped ULKE GmbH to stand out from the competition and effectively position its own brand. Potential customers were encouraged by the appealing appearance of the website to contact the company and benefit from the services offered.

Conclusion ULKE and OM3

The collaboration between ULKE GmbH and OM3 Marketing GmbH on the website redesign was a complete success with a special focus on the design. OM3 Marketing GmbH was able to strengthen ULKE GmbH's brand image and create an impressive visual presence. The revamped website is now a powerful tool to target potential customers and further drive the growth of ULKE GmbH as a leading service partner for building services, fire protection and insulation.