Acne Inversa Association draws attention to itself with OM3

Acne Inversa Association draws attention to itself with OM3

Acne Inversa SchwAIz Association

Acne Inversa, also known as hidradenitis suppurativa, is a chronic skin condition that is often misinterpreted and underdiagnosed. In Switzerland, many people struggle with the physical and emotional effects of this disease. To raise awareness of Acne Inversa and provide a platform for those affected, the "Acne Inversa schwAIz" association turned to the OM3 marketing agency to launch a social media marketing campaign.

Association for those affected

The Acne Inversa schwAIz association was struggling with low public awareness of the disease. Many people had never heard of Acne Inversa or confused it with other skin diseases. The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of Acne Inversa, reduce the stigma and at the same time provide a supportive community for sufferers.

The social media strategy

OM3, an experienced marketing agency, developed a holistic social media marketing campaign to spread the message of Acne Inversa schwAIz. The strategy included the following steps:

  1. target audience analysis: Om3 conducted a thorough analysis of the target audience to identify the most appropriate platforms and content for the campaign. It was found that the main audience could not be narrowed down as Acne Inversa occurs in all age groups. However, it was possible to target doctors on LinkedIn in order to raise awareness of the disease there as well. Content creation: om3 created engaging and informative content that covered the different aspects of Acne Inversa. This included graphics, videos, stories from sufferers and expert interviews to capture the attention of the target audience and promote their understanding of the disease.
  2. platform selection: Based on the target audience analysis, the campaign focused on the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each platform was used strategically to maximise reach and encourage interactions.

Added value for Acne Inversa

Thanks to OM3's comprehensive social media marketing campaign, the Acne Inversa schwAIz association experienced significant success. The campaign reached thousands of people in Switzerland. The number of people who had heard about Acne Inversa increased significantly.

Client quote "OM3's social media marketing campaign proved to be a success for the Acne Inversa schwAIz association. It helped raise awareness of Acne Inversa, reduce stigma and build a supportive community. Through the targeted use of social media, the association was able to successfully spread its message and encourage people to talk about Acne Inversa, get informed and offer support."