Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing agency from Zurich: The specialists for e-commerce advertising

The best e-commerce platform is only as good as the accompanying online marketing. The more closely sales and marketing are interlinked, the more profitably synergies can be exploited. That's why, as a competent online marketing agency from Zurich, we offer you services from both areas from a single source. 

You benefit from lean structures, efficient processes and simple communication - factors that also have a positive influence on the profitability of your advertising measures. As an experienced marketing agency from Zurich, we offer you only solutions that are tailored to your marketing and sales goals. 

According to the products or services you offer, we work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy for your web business. From this, in a second step, we derive the most target-oriented marketing measures and implement them in a clearly defined schedule. 

One advantage of online marketing tools is their transparency and measurability: depending on the campaign objective, you receive an evaluation that analyzes the effectiveness of the measures implemented. In this way, you are always in the picture as to how your online marketing is having a concrete effect on the target groups.

Targeted search engine advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing

The cornerstone of successful online marketing is search engine advertising (SEA). In order to use Google in particular to increase leads and conversions from prospective customers, we, as an online marketing agency from Zurich focused on SEA, take a close look at your presence on the Internet, the search behavior of your target group and the competitive environment. 

Based on the data obtained and your specific sales targets, we place attention-grabbing ads that are seen where your customers search on the web. Parallel to the organic search results, Google positions your ad at the top of the results list and thus at the front. 

As your SEA marketing agency from Zurich, we ensure that your ads perform particularly well in this competitive placement based on the content, search terms and relevance of your e-commerce website linked to the web ad. 

To do this, we use all the tools available only to professional SEA experts. In addition to increasing sales, typical goals for search engine advertising are improving your brand awareness, image building, corporate communication and generally greater visibility on the web.

Your online marketing agency from Zurich for search engine optimization

In web marketing, the following applies: No effective search engine advertising without search engine optimization (SEO). After all, your online store should rank where your customers' attention is - at the top of the search results. 

As a marketing agency from Zurich specializing in SEO, we achieve this through an intelligent keyword strategy, flanking link building and above all: content, content, content. By writing relevant texts we create the basis for the placement of keywords with which your offers can be found. 

Text content cannot be replaced by even the most exciting design and images. Rather, the texts of your web presence are the decisive factor by which Google ranks your web store. In addition to the keywords, the text also opens up many ways to intensify the interest of searchers, to score with competent information and to serve the brand through quality. We monitor the performance of your e-commerce platform in the Sistrix visibility index after the SEO measures we have taken. Always knowing: With search engine optimization stands and falls any web campaign. Online marketing is SEO marketing. And we are happy to put our skills in this field at your service as well. By the way, it's quite possible that you found the site of our Zurich marketing agency thanks to the texts we optimized for search engines.

Attracting new customers with strong social media campaigns

Worldwide, 4.6 billion people use social media. Of the 7.1 million Swiss, 82 percent are also on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn - with each of these platforms having over three million users among the Swiss. No TV spot, print ad, large billboard or advertising brochure, no matter how well done, can achieve these dream rates of recipients interested on their own. As your social media marketing agency from Zurich, we tap into this enormous potential for you and showcase your brand on the most important platforms. For your social media campaign, we first analyze your target group and then select the appropriate social media as your digital distribution channels. Text content, photos, graphics or video clips are placed by us in the social networks in an eye-catching way - for example as advertisements or interactive storytelling, as a one-off product campaign or through the regular management of your fan page.

Build a brand community on Facebook & Instagram

Advertising on social networks is transparent and can be checked for effectiveness with a variety of analysis options. You always have full cost control and, unlike many other forms of advertising, can adjust and counteract during an ongoing Facebook campaign. Compared to traditional marketing channels, our online marketing agency in Zurich opens up lucrative sales channels for you, often with greater effects at a more moderate expenditure of funds. Especially for your company as a player in the e-commerce competition, marketing activities on Facebook & Co are therefore particularly suitable. The social networks are areas that should not be underestimated and where you should have done your "homework", because here users directly influence the image and desirability of your offer - and because this can be controlled. Rely on the digital expertise of our experienced marketing agency in Zurich: In a medium that continues to expand, we strengthen your brand awareness, cultivate customer relationships, build a solid community of interested parties, increase the number of visitors to your online store and generate conversions to new customers.

Reach the relevant target groups on LinkedIn

With currently over 280 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the world's largest and most successful business network. One league below it, but with around 21 million subscribers in the DACH region a permanent fixture, is the professional network XING. LinkedIn in particular has recently become an indispensable platform when it comes to addressing target groups in the B2B sector. Its particular advantage is that LinkedIn allows you to reach qualified users who, as high-income consumers or multipliers, are in your marketing interests. Our Zurich-based online marketing agency puts you in touch with successful graduates, relevant decision-makers, self-employed people and authoritative leaders. These self-effective, well-off and demanding target groups require a specific approach in communication - a service we can offer you.