Webinar with BigCommerce and OM3 on 12th October 23

Webinar with BigCommerce and OM3 on 12th October 23

Not all markets are created equal, and the Swiss market stands out as exceptionally distinct. With its own set of specific requirements and characteristics, the Swiss Market poses unique challenges that demand tailored solutions.

Composable Commerce offers flexibility and sets the ground for unlimited growth with the advantage of being able to focus on revenue generating activities. It’s undoubtedly a versatile concept applicable to eCommerce markets worldwide, but must be approached with a keen awareness of the peculiarities present in Switzerland, for example:

  • Payment solutions (PostFinance & TWINT)
  • Languages
  • New Data security law (nDSG) 01.09.23
  • Integration with other CH providers

In this webinar, we will navigate you through this distinctive journey and provide essential guidance to develop in the Swiss market.


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