Services with added value

Services with added value

Just over a month ago we founded our company om3 Marketing GmbH. Now we have already been able to win our first customers. And we have successfully completed the first projects. These are several webshops including search engine optimization. We are very broadly positioned in terms of the store systems we use. We create the stores with rental, purchase or open source systems. The choice of the store software depends on the needs of our customers.

Each project begins with the discussion of the goals and requirements of our customers. When we know the initial situation, we can recommend a suitable store system.


During implementation, we first create a prototype. With the prototype our customers can get an idea of the future store. After the prototype phase we finalize the store.

Added value

Before we hand over the store to the customer, we of course test all functions and clean up possible errors. We take over the products with the descriptions, categories, prices and pictures automatically. This way we enable our customers to go online with their products in a short time.

Our goal is to advise our customers competently and to deliver the right solution for their requirements. The customers can focus on the essentials: Their sales on the Internet. The rest is up to us. We would be happy to help you as well. Contact us for a free preliminary discussion.

Added value with Ads

Google Ads - search engine advertising Quickly build reach to target your audience, place your products and increase sales. With the help of Google Ads you can increase your visibility and monitor relevant metrics through Google Analytics.

We design the right campaigns for your target audience and help you determine the best approach.

Social Media Ads

Around four billion people use social media accounts every day. Take advantage of this opportunity and present your products and services exactly where your target group is. Build your online marketing strategy with our help. Besides the presented brand message, you can use social media specifically to acquire new customers.