Choose the right design for your web shop

Choose the right design for your web shop

By choosing the right design, you increase the user experience. Good design ensures that users enjoy visiting your website or store. They find their way around easily. Good design significantly increases the conversion rate. But what makes a good web design? What constitutes good and bad design is certainly subjective. Nevertheless, there are some generally valid principles, what constitutes good website design. In the following I go into it.

Standard store layout - clear user guidance

The path through the store, the customer journey Most web stores use a similar arrangement of standard elements. These standard elements are logos, logins, search bars, language selection, menus, navigation bars or breadcrumbs. If you also use these elements according to the de facto standard, your customers will find their way around your site faster.

Design your store with colors

Choosing colors in your store The right color combinations on your website will arouse the desired emotions in users. Harmonious colors invite to stay on the website. Color hierarchies provide clarity. They guide the eye to the products or call-to-action buttons. Use a primary color for the main element and secondary colors for highlights.

Use meaningful images in the store

Emotion sells Images appeal to users faster and more emotionally than text alone. If you want to appeal to emotions, use images of people. These work especially well.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures that websites are displayed equally well on all devices (desktop, tablet and smartphone). Internet access with mobile devices is increasing more and more. Therefore, it is important for you to provide your customers with an optimal buying experience here as well.

Other important design guidelines

Your website is clearly structured and clearly laid out Negative space (also called white space) is used to highlight the main element Use size and placement of objects to create a visual hierarchy; this will guide the eye of your site visitors Use typographies. Use typographies to optimize textual presentation. For house fonts, make sure they can be displayed on all devices and browsers. Make your text easy to read. Text should be understandable and appropriate to your business and target audiences. Do not use italic fonts in body text. Divide large blocks of text into several paragraphs. A good design is not only a matter of taste, it is the basis for a successful web presence and forms the foundation for your successful online business.

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